Classic e-Commerce Business Systems

Our Classic Automotive Parts Manufacturing & Distribution Industry solutions experts work with our clients within the industry to help them enhance their competitive advantage and grow their market share. We provide state of the art solutions that align with Industry Best Practices and the most advanced technology.  Project Enterprises offers a full array of options, enabling you to select the solution that works best for your company. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate finish line!

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Classic Automotive Industry Expertise

Business System Implementation

Having spent decades implementing business systems for Fortune 500 to Mom & Pop businesses.  We'll strive  to  ensure you get the best return on investment possible!

We will guide your business through the implementation process making sure everyone involved understands how and why every step to the finish line affects operational performance.

Swap Meets to Warehouses

Imagine vending at a remote event and being able to display labeled & priced merchandise and transact sales via a cellphone or tablet,   

By applying our mobile warehouse locator features picking and put away instructions save time and minimize product shipping errors.

Secure Technology

Your data is protected from hackers and malware by he best defensive systems available, This means you can focus on your client, vendor and customer information being applied effectively through out your office or mobile devices .

Car Guys Helping Car Guys

It doesn't matter if you're business is a small custom hot rod shop or a large manufacturing / distribution company.  We'll tailor your new business system to fit your budget with the right software needed to enhance it's accounting, operations and marketing.


                                                                    • Warehouse optimization tools

                                                                    • Self service customer service

                                                                    • Quoting, invoicing & prepaid orders

                                                                    • Dealer management applications

                                                                    • Modern Inventory Management Tools

                                                                    • Costing & accounting applications with integration to many more applications


                                                                    • Inventory optimization tools

                                                                    • Job management & time keeping

                                                                    • Facility & machine maintenance

                                                                    • ATO & quality management

                                                                    • Product lifecycle management

                                                                    • BOM revisions with integration to many more applications


                                                                    • Project management & costing

                                                                    • Progress invoicing and accounting

                                                                    • Purchasing expense & projects

                                                                    • Appointments tied to Google Calendar

                                                                    • Time sheets and employee management


                                                                    HIPO Platform

                                                                    Odoo, the world’s most popular ERP software, is an open source application suite for your business needs. 
                                                                    The only platform you will ever need to help run your business:
                                                                    Odoo’s benefits include:
                                                                    Complete  -  select from over 30 Enterprise apps and 18,000 Community apps
                                                                    Affordable  -  10-15 times less expensive than alternative ERP solutions.     Scalable  -  simply add users/modules as your business grows
                                                                    Customizable  -  open source & easy for partners to customize
                                                                    User Friendly  -  intuitive UI both for both basic and advanced users

                                                                    Leverage PE's Classic Parts data model with predefined data sets and key performance indicators driving a faster and less stressful transition to state of the art business systems and websites that tie mobile sales and marketing to a robust ERP backend business system.  This could be the last time you'll ever need to implement a new system!

                                                                    e-Commerce with Horsepower

                                                                    Boost your sales with cross selling and upselling opportunities on product pages, in the cart or at checkout.

                                                                    Edit product pages with ease to always have your product information displayed the way you want it to be seen.

                                                                    Automatically recommend product accessories or suggested products and alternatives to show customers more of the items they might like, as well as provide increased exposure to all of your items in stock.

                                                                    Fully integrated: Allow customers to pay with Paypal, Ingenico, Adyen, Buckaroo,, PayUmoney, Stripe and SIPS Wordline. Online payment methods redirect customers to a 'Thank you' page on your website.

                                                                    Shipping : UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS and more.   Speed up your order fulfillment with easy integrations for major shipping carriers and track your packages directly from Odoo. Select across multiple rates from shipping providers and print shipping labels with just a click.

                                                                    Manage Inventory, Reduce Stock Outs

                                                                    Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system  has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations.

                                                                    Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations. Odoo's 

                                                                    Use order points and automated RFQs to make your supply chain more efficient than ever.

                                                                    Track every stock move with Odoo's unique double-entry inventory system.

                                                                    Track every stock move from purchase to warehouse bin to sales order. Trace lots or serials upstream or downstream from anywhere in your supply chain.

                                                                    Stay in the know with real-time reports.

                                                                    Make smarter decisions with real-time dynamic reports that you can save and share with anybody. Keep key information at your fingertips with custom dashboards.

                                                                    Shop Floor, Build to Spec

                                                                    + MES + Maintenance  + PLM  + Quality

                                                                    Use make-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or the master production schedule to automate procurements. Let the scheduler compute everything for you. Use routes, constraints and lead time to optimize inventory level and avoid shortages.

                                                                    Whether you use lots, serial numbers or unidentified products, you can use barcodes to speed up operations at every step:

                                                                    • Reception control

                                                                    • Picking

                                                                    • Packing

                                                                    • Work orders

                                                                    • ...and more!

                                                                    Control your productivity with real-time Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) reports and monitor the 6 big losses of TPM. Track maintenance KPIs like MTTR and MTBF. Create customized dashboards to monitor performance in real time.

                                                                    Dynamic reports on everything from costing to traceability, performance analysis,  

                                                                    Web-sales, Phone, In-store, 

                                                                    Professionally showcase your products and services.

                                                                    Send clear and complete quotations to your prospects. Add product descriptions, beautiful images, and additional information simply by dragging and dropping building blocks. Automate operations and focus on customer relationships and revenue

                                                                    From quotations to sales orders.  Convert quotations into sales orders with a single click, or let the customer sign off on it with a simple electronic signature.

                                                                    Contract management.  Invoice customers based on time and materials, easily record contracts and track invoicing phases, maintain renewal and upselling opportunities, and manage your subscriptions with Odoo's recurring contracts.

                                                                    Let your customers help themselves.  The customer portal gives your customers access to their quotations, sales orders, and delivery orders. Save time and use Odoo Sign to easily get signatures on NDAs, contracts, or any PDF document.

                                                                    Run The Business, Ensure Cash Flow

                                                                    All the time-saving tools you need to grow your business.

                                                                    Bank Synchronization.  Get your bank statements synced with your bank automatically, or import files.

                                                                    Invoicing.  Create sharp and professional invoices, manage recurring billings, and easily track payments.

                                                                    Manage Bills & Expenses.  Control supplier invoices and get a clear forecast of your future bills to pay.

                                                                    Easy Reconciliation.  Save time and automate 95% of reconciliation with our smart reconciliation tool.

                                                                    Electronic invoicing and automated follow-ups.  Create and send professional invoices and receive payments online. Send reminders to your debtors in just a few clicks. Simply set-up and automate follow-ups to get paid more quickly.

                                                                    Automatically create.  Invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material

                                                                    Clear dynamic statements.  Your reports the way you like them.  Easily create earnings report, balance sheet or cash flow statements.

                                                                    Buy Inventory, Optimize Warehousing

                                                                    Automatically send RFQs to your suppliers based on your stocks levels. Improve your purchase and inventory performance with procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders, etc.

                                                                    Select different replenishment methods for each product depending on your manufacturing and delivery strategies. Make smart purchase decisions using the best prices. Easily import suppliers' price lists and references to make smarter purchase decisions based on promotions, quantities and special contract conditions.

                                                                    Keep track of a product availability in your supplier’s stock and check your order status from within the app. You can even base your sales price on your supplier's prices. 

                                                                    Launch purchase tenders, integrate vendor's answers in the process and compare propositions. Choose the best offer and send purchase orders easily. Use reporting to analyze the quality of your vendors afterwards.

                                                                    Digital Marketing, Manage Opportunities

                                                                    Schedule activities based on your sales scripts: calls, meetings, mailing, and quotations. Get all the information you need, directly on the opportunity: website pages viewed, mail received, etc.

                                                                    Easily review your performances & next activities. Know exactly how you perform compared to your monthly targets. Organize your

                                                                    Real-time messaging to enhance collaboration.  Get a quick overview of what's going on in your team. See when a colleague logs a call or sends a quote. Share ideas and files in real-time and catch-up on things you missed when you were away.

                                                                    Use actionable data to make better decisions.

                                                                    • Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

                                                                    • Design custom dashboards to get a picture of your business at a glance.

                                                                    • Dig deeper with real-time reports and flow charts that anyone can create and share.

                                                                    Hi Performance - Low Risk

                                                                    Performance and low risk design were  PE's  key objectives during the conception of this classic car business system.  You'll never have a sleepless night wondering  if your business system partner(s) will be around in the future to ensure your technical and business growth objectives will be met.  Whether you choose Cloud or Hosted all aspects of your system are maintained, upgraded and supported by Odoo's proven business model.

                                                                    Great business applications, modern technology and accurate data provide the foundation for the business to  make informed decisions rapidly with confidence.

                                                                    Over 7 million users can't be wrong...

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